This privacy policy has been written to comply with Google Play Store policies.

Data collection

EtchDroid works offline. NO DATA is collected from the user’s device. Everything that is on the user’s phone stays on the user’s phone.


USB device access

In order to write content to USB drives, the permission needs to be explicitly granted by the user.

NO DATA is ever read from the USB drive unless that’s required for the correct functioning on the app.

NO DATA from USB devices is ever stored on the phone nor uploaded anywhere.

Storage access

Due to technical limitation, EtchDroid needs to be granted full access to the device’s internal storage in order to write Apple® DMG images to USB drives.

Storage access is only requested IF AND ONLY IF the user ever tries to write a DMG image.

Once storage access is granted, NO DATA is ever uploaded anywhere.

Google Play Services - app diagnostic service

If the user opted in to Google’s app crash data collection, the Google Play Services will upload crash data.

This data is not covered by this policy. This data includes:

  • Exception stack trace and core dump
  • Phone brand and model, display resolution, SoC model
  • Android version

This data is provided to the developer on the Google Play Console.

If you wouldn’t like to provide such data, refer to Google’s documentation on how to opt out.

Provided data is used EXCLUSIVELY to troubleshoot bugs and is never published anywhere.

Open Source

This software is open source. Releases on the Google Play Store are built from this source.

If you’d like to know more on how data is handled, please read the source code.

In order to favor reverse engineering of the app, compiled APKs are usually not obfuscated, so you can cross-check with a decompiler such as JadX.

Please note that this may change in the future due to technical limitations. If you’re concerned, please use F-Droid builts as they are guaranteed to come from a provided source tarball.


An application to write OS images to USB drives, on Android, no root required.